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President Ghani attended opening ceremony of new educational Year with some commitments to teachers, but he provides shocking statistics on the country’s low education capacity of teachers; Mr. Ghani says: “Half of the teachers in the country cannot provide standard education to students in the country and now 50 percent of schools in Afghanistan are without buildings. In addition, 3.5 million eligible children cannot enter the education system, and 1,000 schools are still closed nationwide. ”

Mr. Ghani also added: “I promised teachers that I would provide affordable housing and shelter. So far, we have not succeeded in this, but I have directed the Ministry of Urban Development and Land Administration that will arrange a practical plan for solving this issue, which will provide shelter and housing not only for teachers but also for returnees, displaced and heirs of martyrs.”

With the beginning of new educational year, the head of Education Ministry announced that there was a lot of corruption and significant challenges in the recruitment process of teachers. Mohammad Ibrahim Shinwari, who was speaking at the opening ceremony of new educational year, added: “General reforms in the Ministry of Education are intensive, and we are working on a written basic for guidance on instructive education. And by institutionalizing this educational guide, Afghanistan will benefit from global standards over the next 15 years. ”


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