Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shershah Nawabi

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, said in a meeting while visiting Farah elders and citizens, that if the divisions in Afghanistan were not eradicated, this would endanger the peace process. “From the past, far away, we have a great deal,” he adds, “but what prevents the achievement of this country is a disagreement. I believe that hypocrisy should be eliminated from this country, because Afghan citizens will pay more for dividends. And it is the main obstacle to Afghanistan and its citizens.”

The president of the country continues to emphasize: “Without a system in any country, we cannot survive, we are not a country that has been made by foreigners and our system is created by outsiders, but the current system of Afghanistan comes from the text of the citizens of this land, and everyone without a doubt asks for peace In Afghanistan, but a peaceful, dignified, lasting, and just peace, rather than a fresh wave of the crisis, rather than a bloodshed in Afghanistan.”

The president reaffirms that the Afghan government is trying to interact with the Taliban, he believes: “The peace talks of the government with the opposition should be strong and fair, and we are trying to provide the same principle of peace in this land. Without any doubt, the Afghan security forces are losing their lives due to patriotism and we will not waste their victims. Thus, we have begun to work seriously for the 12,000 the Afghan security and defense forces who have lost their lives for this national, and all these facilities are provided from domestic sources. ”

The country’s president once again emphasizes that Afghanistan must use its own resources to achieve development in the country and we are working to have our own success.

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