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According to new strategy of National Defense Ministry, it is expected that in 2018, about six thousand DOD officers will be retired. Spokesman for National Defense Ministry has repeatedly called this act; army’s rejuvenating. Now Afghan president is talking about signing a decree on the retirement of 164 generals in security institutions. President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has written on his Twitter: Today I am honored with signing the decree of retirement of 164 honorary Generals.

“Putting our new military officer’s inherent law to practice, I just signed the respectful retirement of 164 generals. We want reforms to win the war and peace. We don’t want reforms just for the sake of reforms. This process will continue for our brighter future.”

This message of president has also reacts on Twitter. Most users of this social media page have considered president’s decision to retire military officers as a milestone in reviving the national army. Hamdullah Mohib afghan ambassador to Washington has written on his Twitter page that this step considered by president as an attempt to develop Afghanistan. According to Mr. Mohib: “toward a peaceful and just Afghanistan. #reforms, #Justice, #progress, #Afghanistan. ”

According to reports, the Ministry of Defense has approved this program following signing of a new law on the integrity of military officers. The Military Retirement Process has begun since Jan 2018, according to new law officers who have been serving more than 34 years or has completed age 54, will be retired. There are still shortcomings in battle management and most of these failures are attributed to inability of Afghan commanders in battlefields.

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