Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Din Agharkhail

Today, more than 200 parliamentarians from all over the country have been convened by President Ghani in the House of Representatives today (Friday, 6/2/1398). During the opening of the 17th round of Afghanistan parliament, Mr. Ghani expressed hope that the parliament, as the legislative body, could complete the three pillars of the government. Mr. Ghani said: “The difference between the 17th round of the parliament with the 16th and 15th rounds will be that the representatives of this round will work for national convergence and will work more on the legislative front.”

The president has once again called on the newly-elected members of parliament to prevent from interference in the recruitment of their own affiliates within the security forces ranks. Mr. Ghani emphasized: “Reforms within the framework of the Afghan security forces have prevented the theft and use of the national and defense forces of the country, and we hope that the new members of the parliament will not intervene in the process of selecting security officials and, on the contrary, the representatives of the people completely have the rights To ask their questions about the security situation in the country from the Afghan security agencies.”

The 17th round of parliament was inaugurated by president Ghani today, but up to now the new members of Kabul representatives are not appointed by the electoral commissions, and former Ghazni delegates will be able to represent the people of Ghazni in the 17th parliament up to the time while Ghazni new representatives would be selected.

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