Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Qudratullah Lashkari

A few hours later that Moscow hosts a peace dialogue between Afghan politicians and Taliban insurgent group, president Ghani appeared in a TV Show with an Afghan local media. It seemed that president Ghani was irritated on the current situation. He emphasized in his speech that the one and only decision maker for peace talks would be Afghan National Unity Government. President Ghani said: current peace talks which are held in Russia is meaningless. “Afghanistan Situation has been changed that the past era. The ongoing peace talks between the Taliban and other parties are not concerning but it needs for more synchronization, Afghan security and defense forces are heroes and no one would be able to sell Afghan aircrafts to other countries, Afghanistan is a key to us national security, since that we are not speaking from a fragile position in fact.” Said president Ghani in an interview with Tolo News.

President Ghani said, Afghan security and defense forces are guardians of the country and even other countries worldwide, he also highlighted that in a letter to Donald Trump he has urged Washington for further support and USA is committed to implementing Kabul- Washington Security pact.  “Any peace agreement without the Afghan government and people’s compromise are impossible, If the US reached to any kind of Agreement with Taliban than we will defend our country, dissolving of Afghan security and defense forces especially Afghan National Army, Police and Directorate of security are a kind of dream, we haven’t spoken about transient government with Zulami Khalilzad; because Afghan citizens don’t want temporary government and the upcoming elections would be held 100 percent.” Mohammad Ashraf Ghani Added during the interview.

The Afghan citizens are appreciating the president’s current possessions and they are satisfied with it. Ahmad Eqtedary Kabul resident told PMD: “Mujahidin leaders and others who are currently following Taliban’s footprint and for confirming their position they are in Moscow must understand that the new generation of Afghanistan is aware and they are awake, none of these groups can play with the countries destiny anymore. They must know that they and their upcoming generation would face the most awful situation. We believe that once again Afghanistan would pass this exam and reach to its bright future.”

Sohaila Naderi is another resident from Kabul and she believes that thoughts on behalf of resolving Afghan Security and defense forces are just orders of Pakistan and she is appreciating president’s recent comments. “I believe that Afghan security forces are the one and only force that is guarding Afghanistan and the entire world’s security, Taliban must realize that they don’t have any place among Afghan citizens and their crimes would be unforgivable, we made a mistake in the past that we forgive Mujahidin but for Taliban they will pay for whatever they have done they would be punished for their behaviors.”

President has also underlined that up to now no one is born from his mother to sign once again shameful pact of Gandomak, and Afghan citizens are giving victims while they are aware of the situation that regional powers want Afghanistan once again to be weak and also a government should rule the country that is living in anarchy.


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