Kabul-Afghanistan (GSP):

Many times, the Taliban insurgent have answered the call for peace of Afghan government with violence and terrorist acts in the country. But national unity government officials say efforts to achieve lasting peace in the country is continuing, in the latest case, President Ghani has said in the presidential palace that he is ready to sacrifice his head for peace. Mr. Ghani adds: “The people of Afghanistan must stand up to the point that they want peace, and they want an end to the current fight, stability, and dignity. If they want my head, I am ready to give it to them, but the peace talks led by Afghans are dependent on the will of the nation. Hence, lasting peace requires more attention and citizens of the country must dare to express this demand. ”

Meanwhile, Abdullah Abdullah, the executive director of the National Unity Government, believes that for ensuring to achieve peace, there is one way of putting more pressure on regional countries that support terrorists. In an interview with INA Indian TV channel, Mr. Abdullah has said that we need to force the world to push more pressure on terrorist supporters outside of Afghanistan. While President Ghani says the current battle in the country is not legitimate, and the countries of the region and the outsiders are pushing for more pressure on the Taliban to advance the battle further, cause they are looking for their interest.

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