Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

These days, Kabul and a number of other cities in the country are witnessing an increase in the wave of Taliban and ISIS-K Terrorist attacks. Over the past few weeks, more than 150 military service members of Afghanistan security and defense forces have been killed and 450 were sent to death, but after the Ghazni disaster, the government claimed that around to 150 Pakistani citizens fought with the Afghan security forces to drive the province along with the Taliban. While Ghani is in India, the media have been quoted as saying by Mr. Ghani: “We still saw no change in the policy of new Pakistani government led by Imran Khan.

“Why is peace with the Taliban very important? We believe that if we reach peace with this group, we can easily increase ourselves to fight counterterrorism” Ghani told the Indian media. Determining how the process takes place and how much blood is shed, “the Taliban are part of our society, but for us, foreigners, ISIS-K and other foreign groups who are at war with us will be different.”

According to reports, Mr. Ghani, in a meeting with Narendra Modi, also emphasized the expansion of bilateral cooperation between the two countries, and also the Afghan trading business in India, which was held several days ago in Mumbai, was also assessed.

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