Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Emran khorasani

The country’s president was angry with views on the creation of an interim government in Afghanistan, emphasizing that the countries of the region cannot choose the president for Afghanistan. Mr. Ghani, speaking at a meeting with a number of young people from southern Kandahar, Zabul, Helmand and Orozgan provinces, was speaking at the presidential palace, adding that “the president of Afghanistan will be elected by the citizens of this land, not Islamabad, Tehran and Moscow. Those who are afraid of the people are talking about creating an interim government. The plot created outside of Afghanistan for the people of this land will not be effective and actual, and vice versa it would be failed.”

Mr. Ghani Urged “Helmand peace convey” to go to Quetta, of Pakistan, and pay a visit to Taliban militants leadership. Mr. Ghani has asked the group to bring their demands to the Taliban and urge them to pay attention to their needs. He added: “I heard Helmand’s peace caravan and I urged them; now I want them to go to Quetta and tell the Taliban that we met with the President of Afghanistan and whenever we want we can see the President. But why you are denying to see us and you are not hearing our voice and wish list? ”

The president emphasized and reacts on the creation of an interim government in the country in a time, that one day earlier the second vice president of the country said the establishment of the interim government will took Afghanistan back to crisis, and to bring such demands are worse point of view.

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