Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Soraya Ahadi

While the Afghan government emphasizes that deadline for talks with the Taliban has ended, President Ghani says has taken measures to establish a framework for peace with the Taliban. At the commemoration ceremony of the 24th anniversary of Abdul Ali Mazari death anniversary, President Ghani said: “The government is working to bring peace and the government is preparing to consultative peace Loya Jirga for the next year, and the purpose of this Jirga will be to determine how peace will come in Afghanistan. I urge the people that they should be involved in this process from all corners of the country. The strength of the government is in the strength of the people and we want peace with dignity.”

President Ghani has highlighted that the government, along with efforts to provide peace in Afghanistan, is busy with preparations for the presidential election: “As an ambitions of Mazari holding legitimate elections in Afghanistan would be a key for the current crisis, we are determined to set up this process at the time which is scheduled. Therefore I urge all the citizens and anyone who follows the vision of the martyr Mazari that they must contribute to the Afghan presidential election and make their fate with their colored fingers. The government will not allow any individual or group to intervene in the upcoming elections.”

President Ghani’s also continues that in regard to economic growth in Afghanistan it would be of the top priorities for the government, and it would be the one and only factor that the country should stand on its feet. He commits: “In order to achieve economic independence, Afghanistan needs to be self-sufficient, we have made a lot of efforts to improve the economic situation and we have extensive programs, we are determined to eliminate the geographic prison of Afghanistan, and we will change this country To the heart of Asia and the main transit route between the countries of the region.”

According to the president of the country, there will be a day when the people of Afghanistan will live in peace as well as other people in the countries of the world, and the efforts of the unity government to achieve this goal come from a strong point, not a weak position.

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