Pasbanan-         from beginning of winter until now citizens of Kabul and other cites of Afghanistan haven’t seen sign of raining and snow falling. This issue has now created so many worries. Now president ghani has urged citizens of Afghanistan to carry our Estesqa pray according to presidential palace newsletter: “Rain and snow are Allah’s important gift to humans, and other beings in the nature. Islam holly religion has ordered the worships of Allan when they are not seeing any sign of rain and snow so they must pray for their Allah to give his mercy and put an end to drought.”

President Ghani urges all afghan citizens to follow the rule of sharieya and carry on Estesqa pray on Thursday. Presidential palace newsletter adds: “President has orderd to all Islamic clerks to provide the ways of Estesqa pray to all citizens. He has also emphasized that all mosques should advertise this issue by sermons through their membranes and every citizen must obey this Islamic order. ”

Meanwhile from beginning of winter until now Afghan citizens haven’t got any sign of rain and snow. Afghan formers are concerning if there would be no rain so they might face drought in coming year.

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