Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shershah Nawabi

President Ghani announced, after a meeting with Kandahar security officials in Kandahar airfield, says that peace will be secured firmly in Afghanistan, but the battle will also intensify before peace comes in the country and Taliban are seeking to gain more credit during this war from Afghan peace process. Mr. Ghani said: “Those who dream for the dismantling of the army to sell the helicopters and facilities of the army at a fraction of the cost iron to the neighboring countries will put this aspiration into grave. Undoubtedly, peace will be provided with the efforts of the Afghan security and defense forces, but before that, the new wave of fighting would increase in the country and it would be intensified by the Taliban. ”

Mr. Ghani also insists he is ready to sacrifice his life for peace in Afghanistan. He emphasizes that the Afghan government is now struggling to bring peace efforts from the margins to the text and strive to provide peace at any cost in Afghanistan. This is while the Taliban have been increase their war against afghan soldiers and civilians in the recent weeks by launching bloody attacks in Helmand and Nangarhar. According to statistics provided by the sources during bloody attack of Taliban on 215 Maywand corps, about 50 army members were killed and 30 others were wounded during this attack.

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