Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammedan Agharkhil

“The people of Afghanistan are all ready for peace, and we have removed all the conditions,” President Ghani said on Wednesday (10th July) at the 5th annual EU annual conference on the fight against corruption, entitled “Movement for Peace, Opportunity for Accounts” Come to peace because there is no opportunity for peace every day. ”

“Every day cannot be the time of peace, but that is the time of peace,” he stressed. Because conditions have been provided and should be used extensively. If this opportunity is lost, it will be a huge responsibility. ”

Mr. Ghani also said: our emotions should be controlled, and these feelings should be raised within the framework of reasonable plans and discussions.

The president’s statement on peace is said to have ended the day before the seventh round of talks between the US and the Taliban in Qatar ended. It is said that in this round of talks, the parties have reached a single point on important issues.

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