Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Emran Khorasani

President Ghani yesterday hosted political and jihadist leaders to unify the peace plan to the unified standpoint. Mr Ghani wrote on his Twitter page: “This morning, I had a constructive meeting with prominent political leaders. In order to reach a unified stance on the peace process, I will continue the consultation with other politicians and representatives of all walks of life with earnest.”

Meanwhile, the former president’s office, Hamid Karzai, wrote: “Hamid Karzai met President Ashraf Ghani along with other distinguished political leaders on Saturday. Emphasized the need to make optimal use of the current opportunity for peace through proper representation of the Afghan people in the intra-Afghan dialogue.”

The president emphasizes the formation of peace-building efforts with the Taliban, which has just trampled the group to spread their violence throughout Afghanistan. In the most recent case, the Taliban were able to kill at least two senior local police officers in the district of Arghanjkhwah of Badakhshan.

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