Pasbanan- Kabul:

Today Herat is witnessing the inauguration ceremony of TAPI project. President Ghani is now in Herat to inaugurate this important project. Ashraf Ghani was speaking at Turkmenistan ending ceremony of TAPI, He said: “you have changed TAPI project to a corridor and big package, I thanked you all. It is not only a project but it is a development corridor to us.”

President Ghani emphasized once again that, regional countries have understood the importance of Economic deal, he added: “TAPI showed that Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and even most of the countries has understood importance of Economic projects. We hope that upcoming generation must understand that we have started a big infrastructure to them and it can end poverty, extremism and joblessness in the region.”

President Ghani also said that today south Asia can look to north and Central Asia will connect to south. And Afghanistan is a connectivity point.


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