Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Lutfullah Nejrabi

President Ghani says that the decisions which would be taken at the Peace Consultative Jirga will be respected and all the views of the participants in this Jirga are acceptable to him. Mr. Ghani says that all concerns have been resolved through the peace process, and he hopes that the peace process in the country will bring good results. Mr. Ghani says the decision has been taken to allocate the will of the citizens of the country.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ghani, in connection with the boycott of the Consultative Jirga by some political figures, said that the will of the 3000 Jirga participants should not be taken hostage by 15 people. The president of the country emphasizes that holding this meeting is a national will and an example of the implementation of the country constitution, because the whole fate of Afghanistan depends on the will of the citizens.

Mr. Ghani says that the green light for the end of the violence in the country, has been shown with the implementation of a ceasefire in the country, he states that the Taliban young fighters showed to the nationwide that they are also tired of the battle. The president said that the meeting would lead to good governance and that the government is waiting for the battle to be ended and the Taliban also has been urged by him to respect Afghan citizens will.

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