Reporter: Emran Khorasani

During a visit to the provincial governorate, Ghani said during his meeting with representatives of the Farah Provincial Council, the government has a strong will in the water management sector. Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, who said Saturday morning (18th Hut), has been studying the process of helping flood victims in Farah Province, said the government has a strong will in the water management sector, and the work of Shah Abad is running fast.

The president added that providing security to Farah province is one of the priorities of the government; there is a serious focus on this, and there are ongoing studies on how to use the existing force to ensure the security of the province. He stressed that the electricity of Farah province will be supplied through Turkmenistan’s imported electricity.

According to Ashraf Ghani, Farah province has an excellent capacity in agriculture, and agricultural products such as pomegranates will be exported to world markets. Mr. Ghani also directed the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock to rehabilitate greenhouses damaged by recent floods and to strengthen water channels to prevent flooding.

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