Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

Report: Firdous Rasouli

While in upcoming three months Afghanistan will witness the presidential elections of the country, now the Afghanistan independent elections commission has said that financial support for the upcoming election would be the main challenge, but the Afghan presidential palace has stated that National unity government will pay the cost of upcoming presidential elections. According to Samim Arif, presidential palace deputy spokesman has written in his twitter: “The upcoming presidential elections is inherent to the future of our republic, and it’s a top priority for the Afghan people and government. Ministry of Finance has reassured Independent Elections Commission & issued at least two statements to the Afghan public that the government is fully capable of paying for the costs of the elections.”

Mr. Arif president Ghani’s deputy spokesman also assured the Afghan citizens that Afghan government is able to pay the financial cost of upcoming elections. He has also stated: “The day before, the National Procurement Authority under President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani approved funds for more than 17,000 biometric devices and other necessary equipment for the elections. All these devices will be paid for by the Afghan government’s internal revenue.”

The Afghan government shows preparation for solving financial issues of the presidential elections in a time that earlier presidential candidates have accessed the government that they are unable of launching the upcoming election and the regime is willing to orchestrate the upcoming elections in the favor of president Ghani.

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