Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Imran Khorasani

The presidential palace announces that in a letter Doha government to denounce the Qatar summit. The Qatari government has sent a new list of people to attend the meeting, the Qatari government said. Qatar summit was scheduled to take place today between Afghan politicians and senior Taliban leaders in Doha and will continue for the next three days.

“The presidential palace has said that after all preparations for the delegation have been completed, it is surprising to say that last night, a new list by the Qatari government, which did not respect the balanced inclusion of the Afghan people, means “disrespect” It was the national will of the people of Afghanistan, and this is not acceptable to the people of Afghanistan.”

After the Afghan government rejected Qatar’s rejection, the Doha government cancelled a summit intra-Afghan meeting for an indefinite period. According to the presidential palace newsletter, a number of political figures in the country have said that the meeting with the president considered Qatar to be contrary to all international conventions and insisted that this will be respected by the people.

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