Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Follad Ahangaran

After the terrorist attack on the Al-Taqwa mosque in the “Paktia Kot” area of ​​the Kabul Police district 9, in which “Mufti Samiullah Raihan” was killed and 16 other worshipers were wounded, President Ghani has ordered the Interior Ministry to complete their investigation and observe this case seriously. He has also highlighted that soon the perpetrators of this incident should be identified and must be arrested. The president has recognized this incident terrible and has stated: “The attack was carried out because of the silencing of religious scholars who criticized the brutal attacks of terrorists. The terrorists, in their interpretation of Islamic teachings and rulings, have targeted the worshipers in order to once again show their horrors.”

In this event, two people including Mufti Samiullah Raihan were killed and 16 others were wounded. The explosives material were shifted to the mosque’s pulpit, and when the Friday prayer began, detonated material blew up which caused massive casualties to civilians.

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