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Reporter: F.R

The University Of Washington Medical School has conducted research on which men can take some pills after this to prevent women from being pregnant with the use of male medication. Based on research conducted by American researchers, they have been able to prepare a medicine that men will not be able to conceive women. Based on these reports, the production of sperm in the male body is reduced and this medicine does not cause any side effects.

These drugs, which had been used experimentally on more than 30 men for 28 days, showed that their sperm production decreased. It should be noted that the results of these experiments affect the male body from 60 days to 90 days. The results of this study showed that sexual activity in any of the participating men was not diminished, and only 17% of them had reduced sexual desire, and another seven per cent had experienced a modest amount of erectile dysfunction.

Meanwhile, the research team led by the University of Washington, Medical Faculty, plans to carry out more extensive research into this drug.

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