Pasbanan- Kabul:

The Nangarhar Agriculture Directorate has announced that during 2017 year this province was able to produce 2000 tons of peanuts and the total revenue which was gained in the province was 2 billion Afghanis. Rafiullah Rahimzai head of Nangarhar agriculture, irrigation and livestock department says that there are at least 41257 to 86310 acerbic of forestry in the province, that most of these forests are located in Hesarak, Shairzad, Khogyani districts , Pachiragan, Kot, Haska Mina, Achin, Nazian, and Spin Ghar.

The head of agriculture, irrigation and livestock of Nangarhar has called on all residents and cultures in the province to consider the forests as national asset and keep them more than ever. Nangarhar Agriculture Department officials say the Ministry of Agriculture has sent a plan to improve the processing of forests and the maintenance of forests in the province, which will improve the employment opportunities and increase local government income in Nangarhar.

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