Pasbanan- Kabul:

Yesterday defense minister and high ranking security officials of the country including Resolute Support mission commander went to Farah in an unannounced trip. With all issues discussed in Farah, Defense Minister said: after starting work of Bakhsh Abad Dam in Farah Taliban increased their attacks to sabotage this process. Among all issues once again he claimed that no group has the power to capture a major city in the country and they are so weak for this plan.

Beside all, Defense minister appreciated efforts of all Military men who fought against Taliban in recapturing Farah. Tariq Shah Bahrami gives a special promotion to Abdul Satar Andarabi, the commander of commando 9th company in the west of the country. He promoted from major to lieutenant colonel, at the same time, lieutenant colonel Andarabi said that currently Taliban are set back from Farah. We have placed commandos in all major parts of the city especially security built and soon we will launch a heavy operation for wreaking Afghan forces.


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