Pasbanan- Kabul:

Number of civil activists protested at the entrance gate of Ghour province and called for the dismissal of Ghulam Naser Khazai, governor of the province. They blamed the governor for lack of work, weakness in management, and the creation of gaps between the people. According to the protesters, Governor of Ghour province is inactive in his tasks, and terrorist groups have expanded their activities in many areas of the mentioned province; especially in Ghor-Herat Highway.

According to them, the local government of Ghour has no plans to secure the province. Governor Ghulam Nasser Khazai, Governor of Ghour, regards protest as the legal right of people, saying that the protesters should submit their wants to the relevant authorities in order to pay attention to their demands, in accordance to law; but the protesters warns, until Mr. Khazai presence as the governor, their position will remain the same and they will continue their protests.


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