Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter Mehrullah Mehrdad

Why did the popular uprisings in Nahren district of Baghlan suffer heavy casualties? The Taliban attacked several check posts of popular uprising forces in the Nahren district of Baghlan on Saturday night, an incident which caused death and wounding of 33 soldiers. Residents in Nahren district has told Pasbanan Media Group in a conversation that this attack was planned. They have confirmed that in the Taliban’s attack on several check posts of the popular uprising in Nahren district, at least 24 people died and 9 others were wounded. The head of the Baghlan Provincial Council, in contact with the Pasbanan indicates the incident that the estimates casualties of these forces are more than these statistics which are revealed to media, he has said that in this attacks, the deaths number of popular uprising forces have increased to 25 and more than a dozen soldiers were wounded during this bloody attack.

Mohammad Safdar Mohseni, Baghlan Provincial council head emphasizes that these forces have been killed the red company of Taliban group in Nahren district. Meanwhile, soldiers from the uprising forces who were wounded in the attacks has told Pasbanan News reporter in Baghlan: “The Taliban’s intense attacks on our checkpoints began at eleven o’clock in the night and lasted until four in the morning, but during the battle repeatedly we called on other troops to help But they didn’t send essential forces to help us, this caused a lot of our peers to die and the casualties of our forces increased since this issue. The injured soldiers continue to claim that when the additional forces rushed to help us, the forces met the Taliban’s ambush, which increased the casualties of the popular uprising forces.

The head of the Baghlan Provincial Council has also said in response to a question that why the casualties are so high in this attack? “The Taliban group influential and spies was among these forces and they provided the ground for easily operating on popular uprising forces in Nahren district of Baghlan. The close relatives of the victims of the bloody attack in Nahren event of Baghlan have also said that the failure of the security forces caused the forces to remain under the siege of the Taliban for several hours, while they repeatedly asked the security forces for more military assistance but did not help them.

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