Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG)

Reporter: Shaker Sangi

The ministry spokesman Nusrat Rahimi said: “The Interior Ministry’s leadership is determined to deal seriously with crime, crimes, and organized genders. Today, we publish 12 lists of organized crime, and the ministry’s leadership He has directed all relevant issues to identify and arrest these people as soon as possible in cooperation with the people. ”

The names of the suspects have also been published in the list.

Mr. Rahimi added: “These people are suspected of espionage, armed robbery, ransom, dealing with police, murder and other criminal cases.”

He also called on the people to cooperate in the identification and detention of the police and be subjected to material and spiritual rewards.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Interior had already announced the list of about two hundred people involved in armed activities, sectoral activities, and robbery kidnapping, according to the ministry, they were arrested.

The ministry has already continued to publish the list of 16 people who were accused of usurping land, bullying, exploiting, trafficking and protecting unarmed gunmen, and were urged to clear police and police as soon as possible. According to the Interior Ministry, these people were willing to respond

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