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Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrdad

Nizamuddin Qaysari, a prominent commander of General Dostum and his special envoy to the north, has now shifted after being detained by the National Security Forces. In the most recent case, Nizamuddin Qaysari plans these days to remove General Abdul Rashid Dostum, the founder of the National Movement Party and First Vice President, from the stage, until Qaysari is now sitting in his political office in Kabul and nominating Movement’s special envoys to occupy the northern provinces of the country.

According to reports, Mr. Qaisari has visited hundreds of people at his political office in Kabul over the past month and is warmly welcoming young people and new faces as representatives of the Movement.

But what is Mr. Qaisari looking for?

Nizamuddin Qaysari, after being detained by the National Security Forces in Jawzjan, understood that the efforts of the Movement Party leader to rid Mr. Qaisari of these forces were in vain, so he criticized General Dostum and dismissed him. My friend is in the political arena. Mr. Nizamuddin Qaysari had earlier said: “There are sacrifices they are making to kill General Abdul Rashid Dostum, the vice president and leader of their own party.”

Tensions between General Dostum and his loyal partner Nizam al-Din Qaisari have peaked in the past few months, with reports that the two allies were also trying to physically remove each other yesterday. Qaisari is currently in Kabul, with some of his critics arguing that the decisions taken by the former Movement Party commander in the north are in line with the presidential palace’s orders and appointing new movement representatives in the north. Part of the government’s plans to isolate and remove General Dostum from Afghan policy is also being implemented.

Apparently, the stand of General Rashid Dostum’s allies against him is not unprecedented, because three years ago another controversial incident between General Dostum and Ahmad Eshchi led the first vice president to exile for a long time, until Ahmad Eshchi opened a case at the Attorney General’s Office against the movement, claiming that General Dostum and his men raped her, a case that sparked a backlash after the publication, and close relatives of the Vice President described it as a serious conspiracy to physically remove the General. My friend thought of the world of politics.

According to published reports, both have assumed responsibility after Ahmad Eshchi and Nizamuddin Qaysari joined the plot against Dostum. Mr. Eshchi is now said to be the leader of the New Movement party, who have always been opposed to Mr. Dostum in political conflicts. There are also other reports that Nizamuddin Qaisari is in charge of promoting Ghani’s presidential campaign in the Northern provinces.

However, a spokesman for the Movement party strongly criticizes the presidential palace once again insisting that the president and his entourage have taken action to oust General Dostum. In addition, a spokesman for the Movement has claimed that the president and his teammates stabbed General Dostum from behind and are seeking to destroy the movement’s authority and authority in the north of the country.

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