Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shaker Sangi

Mohammad Younus Qanuni, on the occasion of fifth anniversary of Marshal Mohammad Qasem Faheem’s death, former vice president of Afghanistan, has stressed that their position in peace deal is unknown and the resistance region should clear their longstanding with the Taliban insurgent group in peace talks. Mr. Qanuni says: “The resistance region place is unclear during peace talks with Taliban, so I propose to all the leadership of Resistance region that they must make a plan for talks with the Taliban and soon it should be launched and this plan must be shared with the leadership of Taliban and the Afghan government as soon as possible.”

Younus Qanuni raised his concerns about the presence of foreign terrorists in the country, and emphasizes that the fate of these groups must be clarified before reaching a peace deal with the Taliban. “Only Taliban in this land is not a serious problem, other terror groups such as ISIS, Al- Qaeda, and eastern Turkestan are the biggest threat,” he added. “After reaching a peace with the Taliban, I suggest that the fate of these groups must be clarified by all parties who are influential in peace deal. »

According to Mr. Qanuni said, carrying talks with Taliban without the presence of the Afghan government are meaningless, and therefore the Taliban must clarify the destiny with Afghan government. According to former Hamid Karzai’s deputy, the current situation in Afghanistan requires coherence and the way of Marshal Fahim should be followed by his followers.

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