Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shershah Nawabi

Today president Ghani headed a government high delegation to Pakistan due to a formal invitation of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Now, this trip has raised criticize of Afghanistan former intelligence head and a presidential candidate. Rahmatullah Nabil has stated on his twitter: “The visit of Mohammad Ashraf Ghani to Pakistan is based on his tunnel vision & calculus to accommodate Pakistan’s interests to an unprecedented degree which he thinks will make Pakistan reciprocate by cooperating in a peace deal with the Taliban.”

Mr. Nabil has stressed that the president is willing to give a ransom to Pakistan for achieving power once again. He has stated: “Secondly Instead of focusing on coercing the undeclared state hostilities of Pakistan President Ghani is approaching Pakistan by making secret deals with the Pakistani establishment. A similar deal was made in 2014 prior to the election, in which Pakistan was given unilateral leverage. Without getting anything for Afghanistan except bloodshed and Infringement of our national sovereignty & territorial integrity. He is desperate to remain in power even setting on the skulls of 1000s of our Afghan Nation Defense and Security Forces and our people.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Nabil believes that Pakistani establishment doesn’t want a stable Afghanistan, with a well-trained Afghan National Defense and Security Forces. He has also highlighted that Pakistan is mobilizing & militarizing the Taliban & their likeminded groups more than ever.

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