Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Morteza Haidari

The Afghan National Cricket Team’s new captain says he will try to bring more victories to the Afghan people by playing an outstanding performance. Rashid Khan Arman, the youngest player, and national team youngest captain says: “First of all, I would like to thank the officials of the cricket board of Afghanistan who chose me as the national team captain. It is an honor for me to be honored to serve Afghanistan, and in fact, it plays a key role for me. I am very grateful for Gulbuddin Nayib, who supported me, together we will strive great victories and success to Afghanistan. ”

After the Afghanistan National Cricket team did not get good results at the 2019 World Cup, the Afghan cricket board decided to change the leadership of the team. Rashid Khan Arman was chosen as the captain of the team and also Asghar Afghan was a key figure to his vice-captaincy on the basis of the new division of the country’s cricket board. Meanwhile, the big cricket commentators have said that this change is a good choice for the Afghan national team, and they insist that the Afghan National Cricket team can win matches with such a combination of the national team.

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