Pasbanan-       After weeks delay of electing Independent Election commission missing member, the government has decided to choose a new member for this commission. According to media reports, the re electing process has started officially and the presidential palace has announced that all eligible candidates should provide their documents to IEC secretariat in three days.

Abdul badi Sayad the spokes person of IEC has told media: according to president decree the selecting committee will start their work by upcoming Saturday and they will carry on for some days. Mr. Sayad Said: selecting committee is shaped again and their work will be started from 10 to 13 of Jade month the candidates can provide their documents to IEC and after that the commission will choose 3 guys and we will send their list to presidential palace and after this process president will elect one of the candidates as a missing member of IEC, we hope that this process will end as soon as possible.

But election watch dog in Afghanistan says: this decree of president is illegal and president ghani should introduce a new member to IEC in 7 days. Habibullah shenwaray the member of election watch dog says: according to article 16 of election law president should introduce a new member to Independent Election Commission in 7 days and he must select this member from the 14 candidates whom were introduced to him before.

Meanwhile the Independent election commission warned presidential palace that if they made more delay IEC will decide on behalf of them and would elect a new head and deputy head. The IEC head resigned last month and until now this organization is managed by a supervisor.


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