In the first days of national unity government, President Ghani dismissed six high-ranked employees of Ministry of Urban Development and Housing (MUDH) following the alleged charges of corruption and misusing governmental authority and issued their warrant for the further legal procedures.

A source in the Independent Administrative Reform and Service Commission (IARSC) told to Pasbanan Media Group (P.M.G) that: “after four years of absence and suspension, Ahmadshah Hemat, chief of Urbanization, MUDH who was introduced to the judicial institution has been re-assigned to his previous position and according to law it is an illegal act. He added that Hemat was re-assigned after offering a high-rank guarantee.”

Meanwhile a source in MUDH confirmed that Ahmadshah Hemat is reassigned following the commands of Human Resources Director of MUDH. The source added: “Unfortunately Mr. Ahmadshah Hemat re-assignation is illegal; on the basis of the law, if a person is absent for one year, he will be deprived on that position”.

Meanwhile, the General Attorney office has announced that the files of the suspects in MUDH is sent to the high court for further enquiry.

In the meantime, Ahmadshah Hemat denies the claims and says that he has no obligation towards the charges against him. Mr. Ahmadshah Hemat while interviewing to (P.M.G) added: “The documentation process are completely finalized by the judicial authorities and I have no responsibility for the charges. The fact that I was re-selected to my previous position was due to interval of the court process. Since IARSC has not appointed anyone so I was introduced back to my position.”

Four years ago Ahmadshah Hemat chief of urban development, Mohamad Nawaz Bakhteyar chief of house-building, Mohamad Amin Qane Responsible for distributing the apartments, Mohamad Amin Amin chief of Real Estate, Gul Rahim Zeyarmal chiefs of the policy and planning and Saed Aman Responsible for housing projects, were alleged for misusing authority and corruption.


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