Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrdad

At around 1am last night, a group of Taliban fighters attacked the city of Kunduz from several directions; it is said that fighting is now going in the sidelines of the city. Sources have reported that war is raging in the Qahwa Khana, Khakani, Saeh Derakh, Angorbagh, Saeh Sadd family, Pol-e-Safaid of Bandar Abad, Charkhab, Sultan Zanjir, Imam Saheb Port, and several other endurance parts of Kunduz city.

At the same time, military forces have entered Kunduz from ground and air and repulsed the Taliban’s offensive attack. Although casualties have been reported on both sides of the conflict, there are no exact statistics. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense has stated that hundreds of army commandos had entered Kunduz. Sources have reported that aggressive attacks by the armed opposition have been retreated and that the control of the war is in hand of Afghanistan security forces. Taliban in Kunduz have been defeated, according to police officials, and are now fleeing from the battlefield.

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