Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Din Agharkhail

Speaking at a meeting of the Executive Committee of Culture and Arts, the country’s chief executive has announced that they have sent a delegation to Ghour to review the status of the Jaam Minaret in order to prevent its further destruction.

Mr. Abdullah also said: “The Cultural and Arts Committee has sent a delegation of archaeologists from the Ministry of Information and Culture and UNESCO to Ghor province to closely monitor the status of the Jaam Minaret. The delegation presented its proposals and plans for protecting the land and preventing the destruction of the area, after traveling to Ghour the team was able to assess the significance of this cultural heritage.”

Based on the delegation’s report, the restoration of the Jaam Minaret will cost around 1 million dollars. The country’s Chief Executive has also instructed the Ministry of Information and Culture and UNESCO, which will prevent the destruction of the area of the Cup by sending an experienced technical team and work on the next steps.

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