Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Journalist Mohammad Tayeb Khosrawi

At the same time as commemorating Nowruz, some Kabul shopkeepers who filed and sell dry fruits complain of a decline in the market for buying and selling dried fruit in Nowruz. While before the arrival of Nowruz families pay for the purchase of dried fruits to prepare 7 fruits, but shopkeepers in Kabul are worried about the decline in purchases of dry fruit. Sadruddin Faizi, one of the shopkeepers in Kabul, said: “this year dry fruit market faced very different conditions. I hope that Nowruz is on the way, maybe the market is better, I would invest heavily on the purchase of fruits, but, unlike people, they tend not to buy fruit. I think that the rarity of the people and the weakness of the economy have made the market of dried fruit today a little bit weak.

Sharif, a citizen of Kabul, believes that rising unemployment has caused people to overcome the annoyance of the day, and maybe those who are more capable of celebrating Nowruz, and those in the city of Kabul, even have no bread for the night. Hence, the market for dried fruit in Kabul has fallen far short of the past.

This year, however, shopkeepers complained about the decline in the sale of dried fruit. Economic experts have considered economic weakness as one of the factors behind the deterioration of the fruit market.

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