Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Follad Ahangaran

Mariam Wardak, the former advisor to the Afghan National Security Council’s Strategic Relations Division, said two days ago in an interview with foreign media that corruption had been in the presidential palace and the words of “General Habib Ahmadzai,” a former adviser to the president security affairs it is definitely confirmed. On the occasion of the election, Ms. Wardak also said that some of the circles in the presidential Palace might have come to have sex with a number of figures in the presidential palace, in exchange for reaching the upper seats of the government.

But now Ms. Wardak has rejected all these issues, in a conversation with Ariana TV, highlights the fact that his talk has distorted in domestic media as well as foreign media. Ms. Wardak said: “My speeches have been distorted in domestic and foreign media. In connection with the words of General Ahmadzai, my view was that the presentation of such issues would make the life of the women harder who are in progress and they will face new threats, and I still said about elections that there might be some behind-the-scenes Which people do to tell it to their people.

These statements are made by Mariam and General Ahmadzai caused the presidential palace to react sharply to these allegations. Speaker of the Presidential Palace Aaron Chakhansuri announced at a press conference that General Habib Ahmadzai speech is a personal concern and has no basis.

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