Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Follad Ahangaran

In the most recent case, the Ministry of Defense has chosen “Commander Munib Amiri” as commander of the second brigade of 209 Shahin Corps. Sources in the Ministry of Defense have said that these choices have been made to improve security measures in the north of the country, since Munib Amiri was a commander of the Afghan National Army Commandos in past 1 decade, and currently he is in charge of 7 Commando company of 4 brigades in Helmand Province. Munib Amiri is a graduate student from the military academy and also he has passed the commando school training in Grade A rank.

He began his career with the commandos and Special Forces as the head of a military commando battalion, and in the ensuing half a decade he had gone a long way in the military arena. Munib Amiri is known as the Victorian of Kunduz Battle, the Conqueror of the Helmand Districts, and also the Commander of Army’s Commandos who was a part of ISIL suppress in Nangarhar. From this point on, he was the head of the strategic battalion of the Special Forces Special Operations Squad, but with the development of Special Forces number and becoming of a corps, he became commander of the 7 Commando Company Command in Helmand.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Defense officials say that a number of young officers who are equipped with standard technology and training are to be assigned to the Departments of Defense’s major and strategic headquarters, according to officials of the Ministry, the military rejuvenation decision has been made In order to change the nature of the war and the destruction of enemies will be effective.

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