Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehdi Nayibi

Security officials in Ghazni province announce the release of a kidnapped student from criminals after a week from the province.

Khan Ali-Radamand, Jaghouri district governor of Ghazni province, told media that the 11-year-old teenager was called Ali and he was kidnapped nearly a week before from the district’s “Ali Tawi” area, officials in Ghazni said that the kidnapper, in exchange for this child, had requested 4 million Afghani from Ali’s Family. “After receiving a report from the family of this child, the security forces came into action, and after a week of efforts, they succeeded in releasing the kidnapped child from the custody of kidnappers,” said Mr. Radamand district governor of Jaghouri district.

The district governor of Jaghouri continues: at least eleven people were arrested on the occasion of this event, and the amount of money that was given to the kidnappers was returned to the child’s family.

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