Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Imran Khurasani

The Ministry of Defense has published a newsletter that the Special Forces of the Army has been able to release three Afghan Military personals from the prison of the Taliban. On the basis of the Defense Ministry newsletter: “Three members of Afghan security forces were released from the Taliban’s prison, the three of them were released after holding the special operations of the country’s security and defense forces under the leadership of the charming commandos in the Gharamain village of Ghor province. As a result of this operation, the Taliban militant’s prison was also damaged. ”

The Ministry of Defense spoke about the release of the three military personnel of the country in time, which in the following weeks the Afghan security forces were able to release dozens of army and police prisoners from the Taliban prison, and several prisons in the Helmand, Kunduz and Farah provinces Destroyed.

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