Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Imran Khorasani

At the height of the Taliban’s rise in violence in the country, Afghan security forces have announced that at least 54 military and civilian personnel have been released from the Taliban because of the efforts of the Special Forces of the Afghan army in Zabul. According to the Ministry of Defense newsletter: “The country’s security and defence Special Forces have been able to release 53 military and civilians from the Taliban’s custody during a rapid operation in the village of Olam, in Daichopan district of Zabul.”

The Ministry of National Defense also wrote in this newsletter that during this operation, during this operation at least 8 Taliban militants were killed. According to the Defense Ministry, “During the operation, the National Army’s special forces faced Taliban resistance. At least eight Taliban militants were beaten up by the clashes between the two sides. In the operation, Special Forces Commandos have been able to release four commando soldiers, four police soldiers, four ANLP soldiers, 32 army service member, one national directorate of security soldier and eight civilians were released from the Taliban prison.”

The Ministry of National Defense also noted that during the operation, the release of the prisoners did not harm the forces involved in the operation. It is said that released prisoners have been transferred to a safe place from several Taliban and will soon be with their families.

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