Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Latifa Sahil

The Ministry of Education announced that the ministry was able to reopen at least eight closed schools in Muhammad Agha, district of Logar province, by broadcasting a newsletter. Education Ministry spokeswoman Nooria Nuzhat said: “A couple of days ago, the gates of eight girls and boys schools in the village of De Now village of Mohammed Agha districts were blocked by locals on the use of their homes as military bases. But with the support of religious scholars, tribal elders, provincial authorities and the efforts of the Education Directorate were reopened and in these schools, about 12,000 students continue to study most of them are boys. ”

Lady Nuzhat also added: “Currently, there are 313 girls, boys and girls schools in Logar. And with the reopening of these eight schools, education opportunities will be improved in Logar province. “These schools are being reopened, which is currently forbidden girls to study and study in most insecure provinces and areas under the Taliban. And dozens of schools have been closed by this group or that these schools have been adjusted according to the Taliban criteria.

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