Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

The Presidential Candidate Council, yesterday released their presentation under name of “Caretaker Government Plane”, all candidates insist that the work of president Ghani will end on 22/April/2019. Leading presidential candidates have presented two proposals to President Ghani, the first option of these candidates to president is his abandonment from presidential election and then he can continue his work as Caretaker of the Government, and the second option is the appointment of a caretaker president which would be selected by holding a political consensus by participation of all sides.

On the basis of this plan, if the president agrees to the first option, then President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani will withdraw from the election, in this case he will be able to continue his work without interruption, and without having a legal mechanism, the Presidential Election Council Newsletter also wrote that this proposal will also be applied to the legal status of vice presidential nominees as well, they have urged that the vice presidents should also be withdrawn from their electoral roll.

and according to the second option, presidential candidates have also suggested that if the government does not accept the first option, then there should be a Caretaker or interim government, that the candidates have explicitly emphasized that in this plan a large political consensus would be needed and it would be extended, it is also said that this caretaker would be selected from independent individuals, Committed figures from political parties, civil institutions as the head of this caretaker government would be responsible to hold the upcoming elections.

So far the presidency has not stated their point of view on this occasion, according to the constitution of the country the government’s work would be ended after 22 May of the presidency the fifth year, but the Afghan Supreme Court issues a document which legalizes continuation of the government’s activity after interpreting the constitution until the new president would be elected. a case that the presidential candidates of 2019 say that this working period of President Ghani’s post 22/May/2019 is illegal and it would need a legal mechanism.

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