Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shakaib Zaheer

Although the accusation of government agencies of sexual exploitation is not new to women, but in the most recent case, some students at the University of Kabul claim that some university professors mislead them intentionally to ask for sexual intercourse they do. One of the female students at Kabul University who does not want to be named, now reveals scandals at the University of Kabul. “The professors of the Kabul University, in the first place, are enabling female students, when they are referred to them, to seek direct sexual contact from the female students and force them to have sex with them.” she says . “A case that has forced many students to leave the university or have been severely hurt them mentally, but no one is listening.”

Another student said in condition of anonymity to Pasbanan News agency: “Most female students are some of the tools of the Kabul University professors, and they are always eyeing the dignity and prestige of their female students. From the beginning of the semester to the end, these professors, whose number is very small, are trying to force students to make inhumane demands. From the beginning, they are increasing the pressure and trying to make the university a horror place. Such cases lead to the question of the academic environment on the one hand, and on the other hand, most female students learn are forced to leave their higher education uncompleted.”

However, we also tried to highlight the Ministry of Higher Education’s view on the report, but due to unknown reasons, the spokesman for the Ministry of Higher Education, Faisal Amin, refused to express his opinion.

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