Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Report: Imran Khurasani

With the reaching of the holy month of Ramadan, food prices have risen in the markets of Kabul and in the provinces of the country, and a number of citizens are worried about the high prices of foods, these citizens urge the government to take serious measures to control food prices in this holy month.

Ramadan is one of the mournful months for the Muslims, and this month is also called the month of Allah’s visit. Some of the religion scholars believe: “Ramadan is the month of the Allah visit, and this month, is a very important time for Muslims, we emphasize on the dash of the soul using unicameralism and turning to pure devotions.” Among the people, some people urge the businessman’s and traders to be filled in this month. Grace and blessings help the needy people and cut off the prices of food at a cheaper cost.

Every year, while Ramadan reaches in Afghanistan the prices of foods in Bazars rises and the cost of cloths reaches to a high price in these days especially the commodities in the domestic markets, and the government has no control and ratings on the market.

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