Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrzad

The first lady of the country, participated at Government media and information center, emphasized that empowering women is a serious need for a powerful society. Ms. Rolla Ghani, who attended a meeting of female investor in the country’s media center, said: “Afghan women are now more capable than ever. At present, these women have made remarkable progress in the areas of commerce, education, public health and politics. I believe that empowering of women is critical for building a powerful community in Afghanistan. ”

Meanwhile, Ms. Rolla Ghani, attend a meeting with the head of the Government Media and information Center, according GMIC the first lady of the country has discussed the improvement in maternal mortality during childbirth. The media center of the government has said that the focus of the meeting was more on raising the awareness of citizens of the country about maternal mortality.

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