Reporter: Zahra Sahil

First Lady of country Rolla Ghani says there will be no agreement if women do not have peace talks with the Taliban. He added: “No one can ignore women, and I know that the government supports the achievements of women, and without women there is no peace in the country.

The Organization of Journalists Without Borders and the Center for the Support of Journalist Women held a program on the occasion of the March 8th International Women’s Day in Kabul, and praised the top three reporter ladies for this occasion. Rolla Ghani went on to say women’s journalists work in the most remote parts of Afghanistan and will no longer be back. A report from women journalists is critical to combating thinking, according to a report from a group of journalists without borders for Afghanistan. Farida Nikzad, director of the Center for the Advocacy of Journalists, added that the peace agreement should be conditional on preserving the achievements of nearly two decades.

Husseina Safi, head of the Afghan Ministry of Intelligence and Culture and a member of the Taliban-led negotiating team, said that peace talks had not officially begun, and if they started, women’s proposals should be considered.

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