Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shershah Nawabi

Ronald Kobian, Special Envoy of the European Union to Afghanistan in an Exclusive conversation with Lailuma Sadid, a fellow college of Pasbanan in Brussels, said that now the opportunities has been provided, to put an end to the Taliban’s was and hold a cease ceasefire. According to Mr. Kobian: “Now it’s time for us to go to the next stage, that is to work for a ceasefire and put the two sides to end the battle and enter the dialogue; of course, the cease-fire should not be three days, though That the government’s efforts were good and showed that if there would be political will, the two sides can stop the war.”

The European Union’s politician continues to emphasize: “The ceasefire showed that it was possible to stop the war, and in the second stage, the people of Afghanistan could easily reach this goal. In fact, the three-day cease-fire that took place in the past constituted the tiredness of the people of this land from battle, I think that the leaders of the two sides should have said this to the people’s interest and peace, both sides should go to a situation where Leading to peace or at least a ceasefire. Hence, the European Union is deeply interested in the ceasefire to take place as soon as possible between the parties in order to allow for better and more comprehensive dialogue, without military intervention on the battlefield.”

These statements are being made when Hanif Atmar, a former adviser to the National Security Council and also a presidential candidate, emphasized on the ceasefire and added that the Afghan delegation are trying to negotiate with senior Taliban officials on this issue as well.

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