Kabul- Afghanistan (PMG):

Report: Morteza Haidari

According to RT Russian television network, Russia has banned using all electronic devices which are capable of taking photos, videos and collection geolocation data. RT says that this decision was made by the Russian legislators after adopting a new bill for banning servicemen from using smart gadgets.

According to the report, this bill was approved by the State Duma of Russia on Tuesday. Forbids active duty serviceman and reservist are banned from using the internet or other relevant gadgets during their training or duties. Russian legislators believe that using such technological tools will harm the safety of the military personnel and the entire nation. In the past few months, Moscow has decided to increase its military secrecy to protect their military from and insider reaction of terrorists of foes.

The report also stated that last November the Russian military introduced several service members to special courses on how to react behave online to protect state-level secrets. The Russian believe these restrictions and measures are adopted by the officials to protect national security against uprising treats.

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