Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Zahra Sahel

Russian Ambassador to Kabul, Alexander Mantitsky, has emphasized in a meeting with the political deputy foreign minister of Afghanistan, that his country is willing to provide more educational opportunities in civilians and military sector for the youth of the country. According to the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs newsletter, “Mr. Mantitsky met with Idris Zamni, the Afghan political Deputy Foreign Minister and they have spoken on how to hold the third Kabul Summit, the international call group summit, the Moscow meeting, the Russian scholarship for civilian and military sectors in Afghanistan, Consolidating more bilateral relations and political consultations between Kabul-Moscow. ”

The meeting was held at a time when Russia recently hosted a meeting of the Taliban and some Afghan politicians. In addition, Russia has emphasized that it is decisive for the end of the Afghan war and does not hesitate to seek any lasting peace in the country.

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