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Marriage of a couple on 100th anniversary day, with the dressing of Amanullah Khan and Queen Soraya Taliban celebrate 100 anniversary of Afghanistan independence day in Baghlan Congratulations to Vladimir Putin on the 100th anniversary of Afghanistan’s independence Dr. Abdullah: National days should not be used for election campaigns Interior Ministry: Security Forces launched anti-terrorism operation in Kabul Interior Ministry: Taliban is responsible for the attack on wedding ceremony The opening ceremony of Daralaman Palace was postponed due to the bloody event in Kabul The bride of the groom who buried their loved ones in lieu of a wedding night ISIS claimed responsibility for the deadly Kabul attack Increase in suicide attack on wedding hotel in Kabul’s sixth district Government official’s reactions to blast at a wedding in western Kabul ANSC: The perpetrators of the attack on the wedding ceremony in Kabul will be punished Afghanistan new conditions on peace for Taliban Nearly 90 terrorists killed and wounded in various parts of the country Pakistan threatened India with nuclear weapons Taliban leader Mullah Habetullah’s brother was killed in Quetta Trump will hold a secret meeting with government officials on troop’s withdrawal from Afghanistan The UN Security Council is pursuing Kashmir issue today John Bass: Khalil Firouzi’s release from prison violates the government’s commitment to fighting corruption Hekmatyar: Over one million Afghan citizens have died in the last 18 years Security officials travel to Paktia to investigate civilian casualties Chief Executive Emphasis on expanding ties between Kabul-New Delhi A threefold increase in tourism of Afghanistan UN: 217,000 Afghan citizens have been displaced in the past seven months New Delhi has been threatened by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan The decrease in the military strength of Afghan security forces in 2019 Bamyan Kohmard district head survived a bomb blast The Pentagon has criticized the US military operation in Afghanistan President Ghani’s emphasis on holding elections at a predetermined time China’s mockery of America: Review international law Imran Khan warns of recurrence of Hotel Hirair in Kashmir Probability of Atmar joining with President Ghani House of Representatives criticizes Washington’s failure to comply with Kabul Washington strategic pact Pakistan warns against endangering the Afghan peace process Khalilzad: Efforts to reach a peace deal with the Taliban are underway in the technical part Afghanistan Foreign ministry sharp reaction to Uzbekistan’s acceptance of the Taliban John Bass: The US is trying to reach a final deal with the Taliban 11 million voting sheets has been printed for 9 millions of voters in the country One injured was in place after the attack on Muslims mosque in Norway Interior Ministry insists on securing Eid days security Pakistan turns to Security Council to end tension in Kashmir Ghani: There must be elections for peace with the Taliban Trump and Emir of Qatar discussed the Afghan peace process The US will withdraw its troops within two years after signing a peace deal with the Taliban At least 20 insurgents were killed and injured in Ghour The arrest of a man accused of killing his wife in Farah Possibly USA and Taliban peace deal would be signed in the 4th of Eid Breaking News: US peace deal with Taliban reaches Ghani and Abdullah Seven civilians injured in mine blast in Khost province The American University in Afghanistan want to release of two of its professors from the Taliban group A Taliban delegation led by Mullah Bradar went to Tashkent Taliban leader: People will be safe on Eid days Denmark assistance 4.3 million to Afghanistan A magnetic mine explosion in Fifth Security District of Kabul killed Salam telecommunication company official The largest targeted operation of NDS in the 15th district of Kabul Ghani: Taliban want to get points in peace talks, by killing people Bahaduri: There is no way of disseminating information in most government departments Security Forces prevented from a big bomb blast in Baghlan Province Six Injured in a magnetic mine blast in Herat province Dr Abdullah Abdullah’s reaction to the car bomb attack in Kabul Sushma Swaraj, Indian Foreign Minister passed away 7 killed and 90 injured in the Car bomb blast at Kabul Erdogan’s emphasis on Turkey’s continued support for Pakistan on Kashmir Issue Amrullah Saleh’s serious response to the call of Rahmatullah Nabil Nabil to Saleh: leave president Ghani electoral team and join our team 9 people were killed and wounded in magnetic mine blast in Kabul Abdullah’s reaction on appointment of Noor Mohammad Noor senior advisor of elections commission Khalilzad: We have made great progress in our dialogue with the Taliban The Taliban shoot down a police woman in Balkh The Taliban-US peace agreement is likely to be signed in a few days Taliban’s warn to those who are attending electoral campaigns 51 people killed and Injured in a Traffic Accident in Egypt Dr. Abdullah Abdullah’s sharp reaction to explosion on Khurshid TV staffs A police soldier killed his seven companions Taliban abducted 30 passengers from Samangan Province Qaisari is trying to sideline General Dostum from the leadership of the Junbesh Magnetic mine blast killed and wounded 6 people including Khurshid TV staff National Defense Ministry’s opposition to General Dostum’s return to the battle fields of north Khurshid TV employee’s vehicle was targeted by a magnetic mine Breaking News: An explosion took place in fourth district of Kabul city Several sheep’s and a dog have been addicted in Baghlan A handicapped man was beheaded in Sar-e-Pul province Imran Khan: Attack on Iran creates a quagmire to forget the crisis of terror 17 Taliban killed in airstrike attack in Uruzgan province Qatar Taliban Deputy Chief: We are not negotiating with Kabul as “the government” China says ready to fight the US on trade, slams Trump’s ‘irrational’ move UNAMA: Intensification of the Afghan war at the height of peace talks Eight injured in a roadside bomb blast in Kandahar Khalilzad went to Qatar for the eighth round of Peace Talks Attempts to rebuild the Pol-e-Khumri textile factory An air attack on a wedding ceremony in Badghis kills 13 people Yemen targeted Saudi soil with ballistic missiles Karzai: The upcoming election is a conspiracy and I do not accept it The Taliban announced the possibility of a peace deal with the United States at a future meeting Herat police prevent from sailing of a baby   15 Taliban Members group killed in Ghazni province 117 Taliban Insurgents were killed in 24 past hour Two policemen killed by roadside bomb blast Afghan government formed Peace Negotiating team with Taliban Mine explosion on the Herat- Kandahar highway killed 34 people The most dangerous vehicles robber arrested in Kabul MCIT Head: Soon telecommunication problems in Balkh and other provinces would be solved The wedding of an Afghan soldier who was buried one year ago Minister work and public affairs of Iran arrived in Kabul Russia will supply 1,000 different missiles to India An explosion in Kandahar killed three and injured 23 others Mike Pompeo: The White House orders the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan The sale of an eight-year-old girl in Faryab was prevented Two US soldiers killed by an Afghan soldier Flag Day in AfghanistFlag Day in Afghanistan was celebrated with a grand celebrationan was celebrated with a grand celebration Afghanistan Football team under-16 defeat Iran in Center Asia Matches A commander of Taliban group killed in Baghlan Abdullah Abdullah: Government facilities should not be used in Election Campaigns 20 dead and 50 others injured in the explosion of Kabul bomber car The terrorist attack on the Green Trend Office killed and wounded 70 Occurrence of two strong explosions of the capital calmness down Shooting in New York killed 1 wounded 11 4 dead and 10 wounded in a bomb blast in Ghazni province 6 Talib killed in Laghman province Government: direct talks with Taliban will begin in upcoming two weeks The Russian embassy in Kabul: Recent statements by Trump are slogans and impractical At least 15 people died and got wounded during Taliban motor bomb attack in Ghazni Two Saudi soldiers were killed in the Yemen border Security Forces avoided from an explosion of a car bomb in Kandahar The administrator of Hajj and Religious of Kuzkunar of Nangarhar killed USA Will dispatch 400 troops to Afghanistan 41 dead and injured during in 3 explosions of Kabul Nusrat Rahimi: No missiles have hit Hamid Karzai International Airport runway Shoot two short-range missiles from North Korea USA Citizens reaction to Iranian refugees in the country Khalilzad: We are focusing with the leaders of the Afghan government to form a comprehensive negotiating team Details of the explosion of a car bomb in a Despechari of Kabul Breaking News: Motor Bomb rocked Kabul city PD 9 The suicide attacker targets the Ministry of Mines personnel in Kabul PD 16 Afghan Citizens’ Response to Donald Trump’s False Claims Waleed Tamim become Afghan Ambassador to Delhi Kramudin Karim’ case was sent to the General Prosecutor’s Office The painful story of an Afghan army soldier who was wounded more than ten times The capture of the Kran and Manjan districts of Badakhshan by the Taliban Senior Taliban official killed in US air strike Telecommunication networks offices blocked in Balkh province Imran Khan: Afghanistan’s crisis has no a military solution Ministry of Mines and Petroleum: The Panjshir iron ore mining survey has been completed 2 injured in the explosion in kabul The appeal court upheld the 30-year prison sentence for the murderers of (Mahsa) Imran Khan arrived in the United States Khalilzad preparations to begin the eighth-round of Afghan Peace Talks 12 Israeli were arrested in Cyprus for allegedly raping an 18-year-old girl Detention of Taliban district governor in Balkh province Pakistan: The terrorist attack on the Kandahar police command is not our National Directorate of Security: A terrible attack on Kandahar Police HQ was managed from Pakistan Abdullah: Along with peace talks, there is no change in Taliban terrorist insight Warning: The Faceapp application discloses your telephone information 8 civilian were killed and wounded in Kabul University explosion Breaking News: a massive blast occurred against the entrance gate of Kabul University Suicide of a young girl in Baghlan province Hamid Karzai warns the USA The 203 thunder corps third brigade commander killed in Ghazni province USA new rules and regulations for Refugees Pakistan opened its airspace to fly The closure of Baghlan- Samangan highway due to clashes The most comprehensive hospital will be built in Pul-e-Charkhi Prison US officials allowed Jawad Zarif to enter New York Taliban has threatened a private radio in Ghazni Iran is willing to engage in dialogue with the United States The inventor of the computer password in the world died 81.1% of the population will participate in the Afghan presidential election Iran’s foreign secretary travels to New York Detention of a Taliban military member in Takhar who was using clad cover Presence of political party’s representatives of in Intra-Afghan meeting does not help the peace process Opening up of the government’s administrative complex by President Ghani Requesting for sex instead of passing exams from female Students at Kabul University Rashid Khan: We will strive further success with the new squad in the cricket team Pentagon: In the past six months, at least 3,000 Afghan civilians have been sacrificed Police prevented two explosions in Khost Province Intra-Afghan meeting in Qatari between Taliban and Afghan figures was important Taliban demand from Japan: guarantee the withdrawal of US troops The long-term absenteeism of duty of 209 Shaheen Corps commanding officer Security Forces killed 9 Talib in Faryab NATO: A USA soldier killed in Afghanistan Turkey contributed $ 4.5 million to Afghanistan Two Police killed in mine explosion in Nangarhar General Dostum returns to the front lines of Jawzjan The White House will host Pakistan’s prime minister on 22 of July Exit from Afghanistan is a strategic suicide The end of the war in Afghanistan, the slogans of America’s 2020 election Arrest of a suspect in connection with the murder of Meena Mangal 45 people were killed and wounded at the wedding ceremony in Nangarhar Trump: The United States will increase its sanctions on Iran Establishment of a Committee for solving Police and Civilian problems in Ministry of Interior A recent alert of tensions between Iran and the United States President Ghani’s new orders to check the problems of the cricket board China will continue its assistance with Afghanistan Afghanistan’s geographic dominance figures are more than reflected in statistics Afghan government’s concern on doubling of Afghan population by 2050 Allocating more than 6 billion Afghanis to the presidential election Afghanistan’s first export commodity was sent to Africa President Ghani’s emphasis on universal peace The explosion occurred in Jalalabad city A commander of Taliban killed in Balkh province The number of poisoned students in Badakhshan reached to 125 Police detained 50kg of drugs from southern Kabul Ghazni’s terrorist attack casualties hit to more than 190 people Another Kabul University professor was detained by NDS forces Poisoning of 75 female students in Badakhshan More than 150 people were killed and wounded in Ghazni Motor Bomb Damaging of the second private school in Ghazni after the Taliban motor bombing Six children were killed in Ghour due to mines explosion The casualties’ toll in Ghazni has hit 61 people Zalmay Khalilzad: The Seventh Round of Peace Talks have been more effective with the Taliban Breaking news: 18 people were killed and wounded in an explosion in Ghazni Sohail Shaheen: Progress has been made in peace talks with the United States Zabihullah Mujahid: Taliban will hold Intra-Afghan meeting for two days in Qatar A rooster was trailed in France due shouting so loud One commander of Taliban killed with his 30 members of the group Government optimism about the possibility of reaching a peace deal with the Taliban The marriage of two old people in the nursing home Senior Taliban officials killed in Ghazni Siddiqi: The government is striving to improve the right of access to information The explosion in Ghazni Mosque killed 20 and injured 2 Taliban Red company commander was killed in Takhar Taliban officials: The United States and the Taliban are working on a withdrawal plan To stay alive in Kabul, you cannot even hope for a moment! Pakistan is still looking for strategic depth with a dual approach to Afghanistan Use of military strength to evacuate Afghan-Turkish schools in Kabul Several parts of Dawlatyar district was captured by Taliban Taliban missile attacks in Khawaja Sabz Posh districts hit 40 dead and wounded Kabul Police was able to seize a vehicle full of explosive Former Taliban commander: Taliban was funded and equipped by the North by Russians Concerns about the possibility of Tala-Wa-Barfak district fall down in to Taliban hand Afghanistan and Germany discussed on the guarantee of peace talks The most striking inventions of Afghan technical students in war-torn country Presidential Palace: Afghan government will pay the cost of presidential elections The discovery of an alcoholic beverage factory in Kabul province The story of Syrian disabled youth in the prisons of the Assad regime Interior Ministry: We prevented from 14 explosive incidents in Afghanistan Ministry of Education warns teachers who are violent with students Attorney General’s Office decision to re-authorize the Swiss UMEF University in Afghanistan Forced hair cutting in schools has been banned by Education Minister Thomas Bach: I will reconstruct the Afghan Football Association Rescue of 28 illegal immigrants by Turkish coast guards The destruction of the largest depo of Taliban explosives and weapons in Helmand 15 Palestinians arrested Israel in the West Bank Kandahar Airport street name changed to General Raziq Airport Displacement of hundreds of families in the suburbs of Taloqan city Death of three army soldiers in Faryab, who were sons of one family National Security Advisor visits the wounded of a terrorist attack in Kabul Female parliamentary candidates sew their lips in protest of fraud in the previous elections Citizens: Kabul is the worst and horrible city for living Kabul Terrorist attack caused millions of Afghani financial loss to the civilians Kabul’s yesterday suicide attack casualties’ increased to more than 110 The fall down of Qoush Taipa district in the hands of Taliban General Dostum: The 209 Shaheen Corps does not have the ability to secure Jawzjan Afghanistan Football Federation damaged 2 Million dollars in the Suicide attack Qosh Tapa in Jawzjan province fallen down by Taliban Khalilzad: Bainul Afghani talks will be held next week in Doha Dr. Abdullah opened the General Dostum Foundation for Culture 6 civilians and the military man was killed and 84 others wounded in today’s Kabul terrorist attack Karim Fazel: Police Special Forces killed one security guard of Shamshad TV Presidential Palace: The Taliban have no respect for peace Kabul terrorist attack victims and relatives: Taliban will never join peace process 51 school students had been wounded in today’s suicide attack of Kabul Five suicide attackers were killed after 7 hours of fighting with Afghan forces The Taliban group took responsibility for the bloody attack on Kabul Head of Afghanistan national football federation Injured in Kabul Explosion More than 53 people dead and Injured in a Bomb explosion in Kabul Kabul suicide attack probable casualties hit 16 wounded and 3 people were killed Strong explosion in Kabul city The possibility of direct of talks with the Taliban would begin in one or two upcoming weeks Soon High Peace Council will integrate with the government ministry in Peace Affairs UN Envoy: Elections and Peace in Afghanistan is top priority Endless outcome of the first round election for appointing of First and second Deputy of House of Representatives Destruction of an irrigation canal in Dawlatyar district of Ghour Sediq Siddiqi’s appointment as the successor to Haroon Chakhansori 12 Taliban fighters were killed in a Talib submerged by including their commander in Gailan district of, Ghazni Heavy casualties was suffered be police forces in Maroof district of Kandahar 45 armed insurgents were killed in coalition air strikes in Balkh Reconstruction of Maulana Jalaluddin Mohammad Balkhi Monastery begun in Balkh Provincial council: placement of Taliban influences caused popular uprising forces casualties USA Embassy: Peace must be set before the election Imran Khan: Afghan National Cricket Team is commendable Faizullah Kakar was appointed as President of the General Office of the Presidency The brother of Kamal Nair Osoli member of Parliament killed Strong reaction of chief executive spokesman in connection with the selection of Mir Rahman Rahmani The strangest way to smuggle drugs and detain its Indian agents in Malaysia Increase in casualties of popular uprisings in Baghlan The United States sent its bombers to Qatar Kabul-Punisher highway was blocked due to protest by Hamid Khurasani’s supporters Haroon Chakhansori, was appointed as deputy for governance and programming of presidential place Release of a kidnapped student from kidnappers in Ghazni Mir Rahman Rahmani was elected as Speaker of House of Representatives Is Ghani relied on Pakistan to have the power for 5 more years? Two senior Taliban commanders killed in Balkh De Yak district of Ghazni province in control of Government Forces Six Haqqani group members killed in Paktia province Taliban casualties in Daikundi province Ladies motorcycle riding in Woras district of Bamiyan NATO will stay in Afghanistan as long as necessary Jens Stoltenberg: a unique opportunity is under way for sustainable peace in Afghanistan Taliban’s eight member group Surrender to security forces in Baghlan President Advisor: president Ghani’s trip to Pakistan is for normalization of relationship between states Peace in the world needs mutual respect among countries Arrest of two suspects with amount of arms and ammunition by National Security Forces Fining of a man who was riding a motorcycle naked due to warm air condition in Germany Five car thieves were arrested in Kabul, Balkh and Herat 84 Taliban militants was killed and wounded in the Bilcheragh district of Faryab Releasing of a 12 years old teenager from the Taliban’s custody in Faryab Metering of Mazar-e-Sharif roads by unemployed young man with a university degree Rahmatullah Nabil criticize on Afghan president trip to Pakistan Ghani went to Pakistan one week after Atmar visit A dangerous and key criminal gang head was arrested in Kabul China is ready to guarantee a Peace deal of Taliban with the Afghan government Recruiting in charge of Taliban in Takhar surrendered to Security Forces Four Taliban member group joint peace process in Ghour NATO SG: we are working on a mechanism that should be respected in Afghan peace Deal Detention of a first-class drug smuggler in Kabul Jens Stoltenberg: NATO and the US is too close to Afghan Peace Deal Pompeo: US troops will leave Afghanistan at a specific time Taliban and Hezb-e-Islami commander is Gathering Usher and Zakat in Baghlan Bourka district Two US soldiers were killed in Wardak province Afghanistan Fawad Aman: NATO and ally countries will continue to provide assistance to Afghan forces NATO condemns Taliban treating to Media and Journalists in their recent newsletter Jens Stoltenberg: Taliban must understand that they will not win in the battlefield Ghani: Individual efforts will never provide peace in Afghanistan Pompeo optimism about the rise of Afghan military activates against the Taliban US ambassador proposal to Taliban after treating Afghan Media The Presidential Palace’s reaction on today’s presidential elections council demonstration Abdullah: Electoral commissions should act independently Electing process of Parliament speaker dragged to the third round Afghan Youth: Today’s demonstration in Kabul has been launched by order of ISI Bilcheragh district of Faryab was recaptured from Taliban today 321 people were detained in connection with 258 cases of drug trafficking Ministry of Interior: Security and defense forces will provide media protection MOI: Arrest of 48 most wanted criminals in Kabul city during last 4 months Afghan Peace process the main issue of NATO SG and Pakistan FM Jens Stoltenberg: Afghanistan will be high on the Agenda of ministerial meeting The government reacted to the Taliban’s threat to the media The first round of second election for electing parliament speaker ended without any result Taliban group is controlling most of Tala and Barfak district of Baghlan Widespread protest of presidential candidates supporters according to government work extension Abdul Hamid Khurasani was arrested by 222 unit of police special forces 6 Talib insurgents were killed in Tolak district of Ghour Taliban killed the 5 member of a family in badakhshan 10 Killed and wounded in Badakhshan The funeral of a young man who was murdered due to 1,000 Afghanis Taliban’s warn to Afghanistan Media and Journalists The complete destruction of the Salang Highway and the government’s neglect to rebuild this highway 40 Talib Insurgents were killed and wounded in various part of the country Half of the schools in Doshi district of Baghlan is operating without any building The Insurgents attack on Sultan Mahmood Ghaznawi Shrine was defused by police The death of a senior Taliban commander in Chamtal district The Iranian court sentenced a person to Execution 4 people were Killed and wounded in the Baghlan-Samangan highway due to traffic accident Million dollars robbery at the American University of Afghanistan and the institution staff escape Formation of the Kabul Municipality police to prevent the wrath of land and the cohesion of the city Breaking News: Assassination of Kunduz Police Headquarters Commander by his soldier Residents of Ghazni: Taliban were killed and robbed homes as they were calling for Jihad Breaking News: Assassination of revenue director of Kabul municipality district 3 Still, the donor has not identified the Afghan presidential election Qureshi: Pakistan is not looking for strategic depth and continuation of the crisis in Afghanistan Detection and seizure of more than 70kg of narcotics in Baghlan Generation for Change Movement, attempting to bury members of the hypnosis parliamentarians Kabul police: More than 80,000 weapons are collected in Kabul The most attractive protest of a Kabul citizen against Parliament members Iran complained to the United Nations to the United Nations The man in charge of collecting taxes for the Taliban was arrested in Faryab The start of popular uprisings against ISIS-K in Kunar Strange question from Putin: Are you shy about your work? And his awesome response! Interior Ministry: level of suicide attacks dropped up to 70 percent due to ANDSF efforts Zabihullah Mujahid: The Top ISIS-K leaders were rescued by US forces from Taliban siege in Kunar 109 Taliban fighters were killed in Ghourmach after launch of special operation in past 48 hours Breaking News: Increase of civilian casualties in Nangarhar recent attack Breaking News: 15 people were killed and wounded in Nangarhar blast Faryab police Arrest a man who surrendered army soldiers to Taliban on the pretext of marrying his daughter The parliamentary clash broke the chairman’s table and chock Taliban commander killed in army operations in Ghormach 9 Taliban killed in Farah and Uruzgan provinces Electricity Robbery by Abbas Ibrahimzadah Member of Parliament in daylight Donald Trump Election Campaign for The 2020 Election More than 40 Taliban militants were killed and wounded in Ghourmach Taliban heavy defeat in Kohistanat district of Faryab Breshna company: The 9th government lane was cut off because of not paying money Khalilzad: we are preparing for a peace agreement with the Taliban, not troops withdrawal National Security Advisor: Fighting financial crime is vital for regional security Moheb: Fighting against terrorism is a top priority for Afghanistan Two victims including a teenager girl and women in mine explosion in Nangarhar Suspending duties of seven members of Ministry of Education’s Educational Supervision Department Detention of Taliban media head in Ghazni Arrest of eight key Taliban members in Takhar Taliban kidnapped 4 people in Baghlan – Samangan highway 31 armed Taliban were killed in Faryab 18 Taliban insurgents were killed and wounded in Ghor A school without building where every day the students walk three-kilometer 35 voter’s registration centers are closed due to insecurities in the country Ghani emphasis on achieving peace prospects during a meeting with the British Foreign Secretary 49 people lost their live due to extreme heat in India National Security Advisor will have a speech at the meeting among world 100 security representatives Afghanistan NSA visit to Russia for attending NSA meetings Abdullah: The Taliban release from prisons by Ghani are electoral campaigns Pakistan General Faiz Hamid was appointed ISI Head The bombing of residential homes by US forces in Farah At least 90 Talib insurgents were killed and wounded in four provinces of the country President Ghani meet UK Secretary of State for International Aid New orders of NSA to took measures for securing Nangarhar City Shooting of a civilian resident of Ghour by Taliban Interior Ministry: There were three criminal incidents in Kabul in the past 24 hours Wounding of two men following a shootout by a new parliament member’s son Killing nearly 70 terrorist insurgents in different parts of the country Prohibition of the using of motorcycles in Paktia province The arrest of 20 small drug dealers in Kabul Attorney General’s Office: General Ahmadzai’s claims will be examined in explicitly Ghani official trip to England to watch Afghanistan- England cricket Match Khalilzad: Afghanistan’s peace process has received international support Nabi Kouhbandi, head of the Mafia group in Kabul, was killed after a lot of injuries Abdullah: Insurgents should be denied access to shelter and equipment’s in Asia Nearly 60 insurgents were killed in seven provinces of the country The head of a mafia group was arrested in Kabul Iran will contribute to the Afghan peace process The black shadows of violence and terror on universities of Afghanistan Releasing of 3 military men from Taliban prison in Ghor Reopening of eight schools in Muhammad Agha district of Logar Imam Ali Rahman: Peace in Afghanistan is in the interest of regional development President Ghani: we propose the formation of Regional task force for peace NATO calls on Taliban: Intra- Afghan Peace talks should be resumed as soon as possible At least 20 people were killed and wounded in suicide attack of Nangarhar Breaking news: a suicide attack occurred in Jalalabad city Ghour girls are forced to Marriage instead of livestock in the province Opening of the first Nightclub in Saudi Arabia Detection of the largest Taliban weapons hideout in Paghman district of Kabul Afghanistan was identified the world most insecure country Recapturing of Khwaja Ghar district of Takhar province after 24 hours Dahana-e-Ghouri district has turned to Taliban strategic stronghold Peace-Dialogue Discussions between Hamdullah Moheb and Marks Putzel Balkh Education Director in an attempt to ban Investigations of Student cases in the province President Ghani’s visit to Bishkek to attend the Shanghai Summit Providing information on peace, the focus of talks between Abdullah and John Bass According to Keshte Shadan District, the Taliban also named 44 people from Ash-e-Zabul province Releasing of 34 Prisoners from Taliban Prison in Baghlan Province Local elders of Ghour are the main supporters of the Taliban in the province 87 terrorists were killed in 8 provinces of the country Warning of boycotting the election by the Presidential Election Council Citizens’ anger on the presidential decision to release the Taliban prisoners Dedicated to Commander Fawad Andarabi! Truly, who is Asadullah Khalid who has been eliminated Taliban dreams? Brother of Fouad Andarabi: The blood of army soldiers are victim of political deals The body of Commander Fawad Andarabi was buried today in his hometown Recapturing of Khwaja Omari District of Ghazni by Afghan National Army The criticism of an army commander about the government’s lack of attention before his death Taliban Shadow detained governor for Faryab escaped from jail after three years Australian police attack on the countries national television network after broadcasting news on Afghanistan With the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, NATO will also emerge from the country Terrorists are ready for a chemical attack in Adlib An unprecedented increase in US air strikes in Afghanistan Xi Jing Ping: Vladimir Putin is my best friend North Korea’s warning to the United States, our patience is overflowing A brave army officer was killed in Dawlatyar district of Ghour Releasing of 83 prisoners from Taliban prisons in Faryab 77 insurgents were Killed and wounded in different parts of the country Pakistan granted Afghan refugees the right to issuing bank credit and ATM cards Stoltenberg: Military assistance to Afghanistan will bring the Taliban to peace talks NATO extend Military trust fund to Afghan defense forces till 2024 14 civilians were killed and wounded due to explosion in Eid prayers The suicide of a newly engaged girl after she did not receive Eid gift from her fiancé Moheb: Again, I call on Taliban to join peace process through Intra-Afghan Talks Ghani: If the Taliban shows their will, the government is ready for a ceasefire New call of Presidential palace for election candidates to work on elections moral principals Ghani’s early visit to Pakistan to revitalize relations 878 Talib prisoners would be released from prisons of the country Confronting Afghanistan’s peace and war talks with a political deadlock The possibility of an increase in the casualties of today’s Kabul terrorist attack 11 armed Taliban were killed and wounded in Dawlatyar district of Ghour General Attorney office warning to General Habib Ahmadzai 15 killed and injured in Kabul terrorist attack 1 martyr and 9 wounded in Kabul Magnetic mine explosions Breaking News: Magnetic mine once again caused an explosion in Kabul city Naderi: 32,500 people were recruited in free competition in the country The MOD’s new command for forces released from the Taliban imprison Khaled: Securing highways are the priority of Defense Ministry No treat to Acting Defense Minister and Kandahar Police Chief in a Blast in Aynomeena Sohail Shahin: If the foreigners withdraw, the Taliban will announce permanent cease-fire The powerful blast in Russia wounded 80 people The Taliban shot three passengers at Maidan Wardak Beginning the seventh round of Khalilzad trips to Afghanistan peace A dangerous member of ISIK killed in Nangarhar Police prevent from Explosion of 10 mines in Bamyan Province Suicide attack over Ghazni police reconnaissance unit One killed and 17 injured as a result of three explosions in Kabul An Explosion occurred in Kabul Afghan Security officials to Ghazni High Peace Council Deputy Speaker stresses immediate ceasefire with Taliban 5 Member Insurgents group was arrested in Laghman 12 killed in a shooting in Virginia, USA Abbas Stanekzai: Hamid Karzai, Rassoul Sayyaf and Ashraf Ghani are US slaves A woman punished his husband Samira Asghari received the statue of the Afghan sportsman Hiring nearly 1,000 female employees over the past two months in government and non-governmental agencies The eight Taliban hideouts in Helmand were destroyed 24 Taliban insurgents killed in Ghazni province President Ghani met Pakistan’s prime minister increase of violence against women over the past three months in the country Expansion of military conflict in Ghazni and increasing of civilian casualties Breaking News: firing in Kabul PD five The use of explosive toy and firing was prohibited in Eid Days Kabul Police Command: Sayed Baz Kabul fast respond soldier resigned 3 months earlier 90 percent of Borka district of Baghlan is now controlled by Taliban Thunder Storm killed two civilians in Ghour province At least 40 Talib insurgents were killed in Ghour province The most dangerous Taliban commanders were killed in Helmand and Ghazni Habib Ahmadzai Summoned to General Attorney office for further Questioning 5 ISIS fighters were arrested in Nangarhar with 800000 Saudi Rial 6 British soldiers have been killed in Kabul PD 9 Attack Ministry of Education will investigate the case of beating a school student in Balkh Zabihullah Mujahid: The Taliban will not hold cease fire during Eid days Releasing of 33 prisoners from Taliban Prison in Helmand The foreign troop convoy was targeted in Kabul attack Breaking News: A fearsome blast in the ninth district of Kabul Breaking News: a horrible explosion sound heard in Kabul 14  Talib militants were killed in Ghazni province Meeting of the National Security Council adviser with the Ambassadors of India and China Heavy casualties for the most dangerous Taliban militant unit in Maidan Wardak Zabihullah Mujahid: We reached important agreements at Moscow summit The Moscow meeting ended after two days 25 people were killed and injured during suicide attack on Marshal Fahim Military Academy Atta: Recent changes have been made by the leadership of the government, unlawful and contrary to political morality New details of a suicide attack on Marshall Fahim University Aryana Sayed played cricket and won the match Explosion against the university of Marshall Fahim in Kabul Releasing of 28 prisoners from the Taliban in Zabul General Scott Miller’s visit to Uruzgan province The discovery and destruction of 200 kilograms of narcotics 207 Zafar Corps received unman aircrafts for the first time More than 450 Taliban insurgents were killed during 124 operations in Ghazni Moheb: Afghanistan and Pakistan agreed on prioritizing their national interest Arrests of 23 Interior Ministry employees involved in the embezzlement of AFN 600 million A police soldier who cried due to the hunger of his children Presenting of new defensible evidence of moral corruption charges by Sahib Nazar Sangin National Security Advisor meeting with Pakistani Army Chief of Staff Senate: The United States should apologize to the Afghan people for insulting the flag of the country Donald Trump has spent € 102 million to play golf Illegal sexual relationship of President Ghani Senior Advisor Breaking News: Taliban announced Cease fire Ata Mohammad Noor warns Taliban at Moscow summit Ronald Kobian: There is an opportunity for immediate ceasefire between government and Taliban Hanif Atmar: We ask the Taliban to launch the ceasefire Khushal Sadat: A new plan for the Kandahar highway has been leased Abbas Stanekzai: Taliban do not need to open an office in Afghanistan Atta Mohammad Noor called Taliban Brothers and urged them to join the peace 16 civilians and 5 policemen were dead by Taliban attack in Ghor province Jamshid Rasouli: The delegation has begun to investigate Ahmadzai claim President orders for investigation of Sexual harassment in presidential palace to General Attorney Celebrating the 100 years of Russian-Afghan relations w and Taliban visit to Moscow Mullah Baradar: Taliban want peace At least 13 uprising forces and 5 police soldier were killed in Terrorist attacks in Ghour At least 60 insurgents were killed and wounded in 6 provinces of the country Afghan Ismaili’s warning: If the Naikbeen votes would not be counted, we will leave the country Donald Trump: We are not seeking a change of Regime in Iran Ten suspects were arrested in connection with the murder of a family in Kabul Two police were arrested charged with a bribe in Kapisa Breaking News: 2500 kilograms of explosives material are discovered in Kabul A Japanese man killed two students at an attack on school students Breaking News: Taliban Massacre in Ghour, 40 killed and injured Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Afghanistan and Russia Diplomatic Relations Recruiting of Nangarhar youths in the Rank of ISIS instead of 500 Dollars #Breaking News: Dheyak district of Ghazni was recaptured by Afghan forces after two years Breaking News: 2 explosions occurred in Nangarhar The unknown destiny of ISIS militant’s families after their death in Baghlan Breaking News: Kabul police was able to avoid a bloody attack Taliban district chief for Khwaja Sabz Posh district of Faryab was assassinated A nine-member family was shot down by unknown gunmen 9 ISIS militants including their military head were killed in Nangarhar The charges of female harassment in presidential palace is kind of political violence Abdullah: The charge of sexual harassment in presidential palace must be investigated Breaking News: Chief Executive Advisor was assassinated in Kunduz City Kabul has become the most dangerous and terrible capital in the region Wounding 10 employees of Hajj Ministry in the Magnetic Mine Blast in Kabul Rejecting the controversial speech of Mariam Wardak: My words are distorted Breaking News: Ministry of Hajj employees were targeted by a magnetic mine Breaking News: A huge explosion occurred in Kabul Possibility of holding second round of Intra Afghan peace talks of Qatar tomorrow Dismisses the claim of the sexual abuse of women in the Arg by the presidency Mina mangal’s killers were arrested by Police 12 suspected Taliban insurgents killed in Ghazni province Five member of a family died due to Security forces negligence An Afghan Army killed by a terrorist in Farah Taliban heavy casualties in Maidan Wardak province Shooting of two Lovers in Ghour by Taliban 10 killed and 19 injured in gas leak in cargo ship in China  Breaking: Mahsa’s killers sentenced to 30 years in prison Kabul Police avoid from a bloody terrorist attack in PD 5 Breaking News: The government’s first reaction for insulting of Afghanistan Flag in Amazon The first Afghan woman who lead the war against the Taliban in Balkh Accusation of President Ghani for implementation of Moral corruption in AR A US military helicopter collapsed after emergency landing in Helmand 30 Taliban militants were killed in NDS targeted operations Khalid: The enemy was unable to crack down a small area of Afghanistan this year ISIk commander killed with five of his men in Nangarhar province Doctors were able to take out amount of metals from abdomen of an Indian patient The sharp reaction of citizens to the insult of Amazon to Afghan National Flag 42 insurgents killed in Helmand 43 suspects were arrested in connection with last night’s joyful fires Breaking News:  most dangerous insult to Afghanistan, Toilet mat produced in the US with Afghan Flag Sources: Mufti Samiullah Raihan was assassinated because of his anti-Taliban speech Female doctors in Takhar concerned of Their Physical Immunity After the rape of a midwife In Samangan President’s decree to identify the perpetrators of Mufti Samiullah Raihan murderers An army soldier committed suicide in 217 Pamir Corps Discovering of most dangerous handmade mine by security forces of Herat An explosion in Al-Taqwa Mosque killed 2 people and wounded 16 other worshipers New appointments, by the government to the Ministries of Telecommunications and Water Breaking News: Mawlawi Samiullah Raihan died in the Mosque explosion today Breaking news: during explosion in a mosque in Kabul PD 9, a Mullah and 16 prayers were killed Breaking news: Explosion occurred in a mosque located in Kabul PD 9 Senate Speaker advisor was arrested on charges of sending Suicide bombers to Kabul Invasion of an electric car with unrivaled travel options Two students were killed in Parwan Province Pentagon new decision for sending 10,000 military forces to Middle East to defend Iran treats John Walker, an American Talib would be released from the prison of US What did American officials say when they met behind closed doors with Khalilzad? Narindra Modi, won Indian Election with a large number of seats Reconstruction of Jaam minaret will cost 1 million dollars US Military base in Bagram was targeted by missile attacks Soon 50 Bed military hospital construction would begin in Baghlan Holding of a Summit on Afghan Peace Process Belgium The arrest of a six-member terrorist group in Paktika by NDS Nusrat Rahimi: From now on, police will have no mercy to the criminals New British Ambassador: We will do our best for the people of Afghanistan Attorney General’s Office: The Samangan rape case is under review Hanif Atmar’s concern over widespread fraud in upcoming elections Alexander Mantitski: Balanced Foreign Policy is the only option for regional consensus on Afghan peace Khushal Sadat: The number of counter-narcotics forces will be increased by MOI soon USA: Turkey should abandon the purchase of Russia’s S-400 missiles Security forces avoid from a big blast in Ghazni Seven ISI were killed in Kunar province by Security Forces Naseer Ahmad Durani was introduced as the head of public health in Balkh Arrest of the most dangerous group of armed robbers in Kabul Taliban blocked 5 hospitals in Baghlan Province 12 armed Taliban killed in Helmand province Gulbuddin Hekmatyar: Foreigners will hold transparent elections in Afghanistan Enhancing of anonymous armed groups activates in Takhar Alam Aizadyar: Taliban are attacking the heart of Kabul, but security forces are silent Stanekzai: Some people use Taliban as an instrument to prevent peace Germany has spent 23 billion Euro for supporting migrants in 2019 NDS Chief: ISIS foreign fighters have arrived in Afghanistan Kabul Roads are blocked because of possible protests A group raped a midwife in Samangan in front of the eyes of her husband and children Iran’s advanced missiles was seized in Kandahar province The hostage-taking of seven members of the security forces family in Sar-e-Pul China’s optimism about unprecedented peace prospects in Afghanistan 2.5 million Children and mothers in Afghanistan face malnutrition Moscow concerns about 5,000 ISIS in northern Afghanistan Increased fire hazard, has increased threats to Badghis forests Six Pakistani Taliban insurgents were killed in Ghazni Official trip of Afghan High Peace Council Head to Brussels UN warning to the United States and Iran after increase of tensions Russian Federal Ambassador met Karim Khalili Tajikistan’s concern about converting Central Asia into religious countries Raping of several persons on a midwife in Samangan Province The efforts of Turkey and Russia to build the S-500 missiles Rejection of UN reports on an election in Afghanistan Visit of the Chief of Staff of the Pakistani Army from the Duerand border line Balkh police arrest a dangerous offender Donald Trump new warning for Iran Mortazawi: Creation of Interim government is over ruled 9 insurgents were killed in Kandahar eastern Afghanistan The issuance 249 arrest warrant Turkish State Department employees in connection with 2016 coup Taliban attack was defeated by police while they launched a massive attack Ministry of Education: 30,000 teachers have been enrolled so far Ireland defeats Afghanistan in the first One day match UNAMA: Corruption has blocked the Foundations for peace in Afghanistan Afghanistan become the most dangerous country for children Logar police prevented a bloody terror attack in Logar Beard and Mustache Championship in Belgium At least 29 prisoners and three guards were killed in a prison of Dushanbe, in Tajikistan The National Assembly’s guards were beaten by supporters of Kamal Nasser Osole Efforts to hold the next election for selection of House of Representatives Speaker The lack of doctors in Laghman caused the death of a newborn baby 9  Talib insurgents were killed and 3 Taliban equipment storage was eliminated in Helmand 4 people were killed and injured in Herat province Increase in Afghan citizen’s displacement in 5 months of 2019 Initiation of Iftar Assistance to Students at Kabul University’s Central Dormitory Electoral Commissions Commissioners Corruption cases are sent to Court Review of 191 electoral cases by the Attorney General’s Office 11 Insurgents were killed in Balablok of Farah The arrest of a suspected carrying anti-personnel mine in Herat National Security Council order to provide security measures for the presidential candidates Bloody Iftar for Kabul Police, 3 Martyrs and 3 Wounded during Attack on Police Station The second terrorist attack on police stations in Kabul Selection of Mir Rahman Rahmani as Speaker of the House of Representatives after tensions Police released a person from Kidnappers in Faryab Turkish Red Crescent aid to the people of Afghanistan The plan for increasing Teachers salary has been sent to the presidential palace physical battle to the linguistic scandals of the members of the House of Representatives Central Bank cancelled the license of an Iranian Bank Increasing Taliban revenue from customs revenues Pope Francis: Journalism is a way to combat hate and discrimination 3 senior Taliban commanders were killed in Ghazni Stressing violence over seats in the House of Representatives Afghan MP’s denied Meer Rahman Rahmani to become the legitimate Speaker of parliament At the same time, peace efforts are needed to hold presidential elections in the country Hafiz Osole: No prisoner has been protested in Parwan Province Chief Executive Urged immediate investigation of RS air strike on Police Check post in Helmand 35 percent Completion of the first 1000 bed hospital in the east of country Recognizing of homosexual marriage in Taiwan as the first Asian country Sharp Reaction of Moheb After targeting of police Check posts by resolute support mission Troops Selection of Pakistan as the new ISIL province The head of Criminal investigation department of Kabul Police Headquarters was dismissed At least nearly 50 Talib insurgents were killed in different parts of the country Mir Rahman “Rahmani” was elected as Speaker of House of Representatives Protest of government school teachers in Herat A young girl was killed in Baghlan province 3 dead and 23 wounded in a Bomb blast in Herat Eight Taliban fighters killed in Baghlan province The head of the Taliban’s military commission was arrested A dog in Thailand has saved the lives of a baby Iran Revolutionary Guard warning to US officials The revitalization of Naghlu Dam has reduced Kabul dependence on imported electricity Civilian casualties Increase to 286 in Afghanistan in the first eleventh day of Ramadan At least 10 Taliban militants were killed in Baghlan Visit of Iran’s Special Envoy for Afghanistan with President Ghani and Hamid Karzai A government employee was killed after magnetic mine explode a vehicle White house sent secret information of Attack plan on Iran to Congress Tajikistan will soon Transfer 80 Afghan prisoners to Afghanistan Government HID-AIDS viruses have increased the Sindh state of Pakistan Taliban intelligence officials for Baghlan was arrested by Afghan and US forces India will continue to support Afghanistan development with the peace process Germany is trying to facilitate the second round of Intra-Afghan Peace talks Taliban Intelligence in charge for Logar province was arrested by Police Dawoodzai meeting with India’s National Security Advisor and the discussing Afghan peace process The bombardment of Yemeni capital by Saudi Alliance UN: in every minute on Afghan will get displaced from his or her home What would be Judiciary respond to the suspect who beats a female student at Kabul University? Discovering of Taliban largest ammunition Storage in Balkh Taliban heavy casualties in Nesh district of Kandahar Province Hanif Atmar meet Marquez Putzel and discussed Afghan Peace Talks The police chief of Helmand highway was killed in Taliban attack Heavy casualties for Helmand police due to air strike of a decisive back-up mission America’s frustration in Afghanistan battle is due to the defeat of erosion Afghan Air force receive 2 new MI-35 from India The biometric system will not be used in the upcoming presidential election Iran’s latest insult to Afghans: Afghan workers do not have the right to work in vegetable factories Rejection of reports on Taliban access to advanced equipment by Defense ministry The election for the seat of Parliament went to the second round Another couple was arrested in charges of killing a Sikh citizen in Kabul Four policemen were killed and injured in Daikundi USA senators have requested the issuance of visas for Afghan translators The special session of the House of Representatives to elect management head of Parliament US embassy inaugurate the largest training center in Panjsher Trump announced Emergency notification for protecting computer networks New evidence on Pakistan new interference in Afghanistan’s internal affairs Taliban implement their own education system in 26 schools of Borka district in Baghlan Taliban heavy casualties in Jawzjan after 24 hours of conflict General Dostum will resign from vice president position in 22 May Pakistani border forces co-operate with terrorists in Zabul province The Taliban’s access to Laser weapons and drones Omar Dawoodzai arrived in India after Germany’s visit The appointment of First women head for Afghan Film in Countries history ISIS-Khorasan branch was included in the UN sanctions list Assassination of the most dangerous Taliban commander in Balkh district Moheb: concerns of regional countries would be taken into consideration in the peace process Extreme storms in the capital caused power failure in Kabul The accusation of Nangarhar governor to cooperation with ISIL in eastern Afghanistan NATO Secretary General and UK PM discussed Peace Talks The United States assesses its civilian assistance to Afghanistan Ghani: The 17th round of the parliament should modify the electoral law Banning of blankets and handkerchiefs use for face covering in Herat Security forces prevented from a suicide attack in Wardak province The hidden sides of crime increase in Kabul city Ministry of Communications: We have not made any attempt to restrict social media networks President Ghani: announcement of parliamentary elections results in 7 months is shameful World Health Organization Concerns on Closure of 99 Health Centers in Afghanistan New Kabul MPs should prevent a catastrophe of the past Government efforts to filter Facebook and other social networks in Afghanistan Two students were killed during firing of Kabul police 33 Kabul Representatives would be introduced to House of Representatives by President Ghani Shah Hussein Mortazawi sharp reaction to the release of reports on the President’s absence Two-day absence of Ashraf Ghani, most prominent president of the country from official meetings Taliban failed to conquer Shamalzoe district of Zabul province 4 prisoners killed in a conflict at Pul-e-Charkhi prison Sharp reaction of the presidency: parties and individuals cannot interpret the law Strong clashes between security forces and detainees at Policharkhi Prison Destruction of two alcoholic factories in Balkh and Faryab Kabul police arrested a killer from PD 8 Erdogan: The world should be more prosperous for the Palestinian and Quds crisis Donald Trump Iftar Feast at the White House on the occasion of Ramadan 503 Service Unavailable

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