Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shershah Nawabi

The Russian ambassador to Kabul says the second round of intra-afghan peace talks between the Afghan Politicians will take place on April 15 in Doha, capital of Qatar. Alexander Montitskey, the Russian ambassador in Kabul also said in an exclusive interview with Pasbanan news agency: “As you are in the process, the first meeting of the Taliban and a number of prominent Afghan political figures took place in early February 2019, we expect that in The 14th or 15th of April the second round of these intra-Afghan peace talks will take place. The summit is scheduled to bring a large Afghan political group to Doha, Qatar, at the meeting, the Taliban also invited representatives of the government, but they should attend as participants, I think it’s a good opportunity. ”

Meanwhile, Mr Montitskey said the possibility of discussing ceasefire at the second round of Intra-Afghan peace talks between the Taliban Afghan politicians are close and probably this issue would be discussed in this meeting. He has stated: “I think the Taliban’s suggestion for the participation of government representatives is also a good idea,” he added. “I think this would be a good idea because people can share their views with the Taliban. You also know that the Taliban have rejected the current government’s dialogue, it seems to me that it would be not a bad idea that some individuals and faces as individuals from the High Peace Council or from the president recent peace delegation team, should attend the meeting. ”

The Russian ambassador is optimistic that the second round of talks between Taliban and political figures in Afghanistan will raise the issue of a cease-fire, which currently the Taliban have now extended to wider attacks in several provinces and seek to gain more geography in the country.

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